Pete Brock’s Signature on My Race Car

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I enjoy working on and racing my 1970 Triumph TR6 vintage racecar. I’ve been fortunate enough to road race on some world-class tracks and meet some interesting and famous people in the racer community. In 2019, I was invited to attend a three-day race event at Buttonwillow Raceway near Bakersfield, California. There were 60 cars at this event, and my car ran strong, and I … Read More

Becoming an Entrepreneur at 15 with 3D Printing!

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My grandson, Brady, who is 15, became fascinated with 3D Printing technology. He started printing trinkets and having fun. Then it started growing into a business. Here is how the story began. Our son, Eli, was proud of his interest and told his physical therapist about the gadget in their house.  The therapist had been playing around with a tool idea that could help so … Read More

Turning 90 and Celebrating at Her Old High School!

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Walt’s mother, Lu, turned 90 on April 26!  She decided to move forward with a birthday party since all of the attendees had been vaccinated.  She had been doing such a good job keeping her distance from people as best she could. But you only turn 90 once, and not many people do. She decided that she deserved to splurge a bit. We looked for … Read More

Springing Forward from Cataract Surgery!

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I had needed cataract surgery for several months, but I kept procrastinating.  Eventually, I realized that my tennis game was off because of my eyesight in my left eye.  So last fall, I decided to go forward with the cataract surgery.  I talked to many people and got referrals before I settled on the doctor with whom I felt comfortable and confident. We discussed the … Read More

How to Combine Working from Home and Traveling!

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Like many people, our son, Kurt, was told by his boss last March that he could work from home at least until the end of 2020. He is young and single, so he decided that this was an opportunity to travel. He would work from Air BnBs or visit friends and family in different parts of the country and at the same time have a … Read More

PPP Loan and Taxes

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PPP Loan and Taxes

We wanted to share some information regarding tax liability on PPP loans with our small business community. We are passing on this information gathered from consulting with our accountant, doing a preview of our tax liability for 2020. We received a PPP loan. Our accountant informed us that we need to pay taxes on the money according to the current tax law. However, we plan … Read More

How to Compare Quotes for Credit Card Processing Rates!

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The answer is very carefully, and watch out for hidden fees not represented. Here is my most recent story about rate comparing. A client, who owns two businesses, asked me to get with his accounting person to set up his third business. I thought I would be getting a new application ready immediately, but here was the challenge. The owner who referred me had no … Read More

How I Lost 15 Pounds!

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As I got older, and my metabolism changed, I started gaining weight.  I tried exercising but it only made me hungrier.  I ate more calories than I lost exercising.  It seemed my only alternative was to starve myself and skip meals.  That also made me hungrier and the next meal I added more calories than I had skipped. A friend recommended a weight loss coach. … Read More

True Story of a Merchant Scam

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We recently signed up a new merchant account for a young man who just bought a business. This is his first experience owning a business. He understood he needed card processing. The previous owner was our client and had been for many years and now he was selling his business to this young man and recommending he get set up for card processing with us. … Read More

How To Speed Up Telephone Call Time To Your Credit Card Processor Tech Support!

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Invariably, at some point, you have to call your 1-800 technical support number for your credit card terminal. It shouldn’t suck up an hour of your time but it can.  And time is money, especially when your terminal is down, people can’t pay you and they start walking out the door! Below is a typical scenario which you want to avoid and below that are … Read More