How I Lost 15 Pounds!

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As I got older, and my metabolism changed, I started gaining weight.  I tried exercising but it only made me hungrier.  I ate more calories than I lost exercising.  It seemed my only alternative was to starve myself and skip meals.  That also made me hungrier and the next meal I added more calories than I had skipped. A friend recommended a weight loss coach. … Read More

True Story of a Merchant Scam

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We recently signed up a new merchant account for a young man who just bought a business. This is his first experience owning a business. He understood he needed card processing. The previous owner was our client and had been for many years and now he was selling his business to this young man and recommending he get set up for card processing with us. … Read More

How To Speed Up Telephone Call Time To Your Credit Card Processor Tech Support!

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Invariably, at some point, you have to call your 1-800 technical support number for your credit card terminal. It shouldn’t suck up an hour of your time but it can.  And time is money, especially when your terminal is down, people can’t pay you and they start walking out the door! Below is a typical scenario which you want to avoid and below that are … Read More

Coming Out of Quarantine

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I don’t know about you, but we are slowly starting to relax and not be so freaked out about catching the Coronavirus. We were missing our kids, grandkids and friends! The first thing we did was have our Game Night Group over to the backyard. We chose our backyard because it is the biggest and we can really spread out. Each couple sat 8 feet … Read More

Blessings of Health to You All During this Virus Situation!

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Electronic Money Company will remain open. Our technology allows us to work remotely while giving you the service you have come to expect! Rest assured we are fully staffed and available for support! Walt and I work mostly from our home office anyway, so we at Electronic Money Company are business as usual. We areotherwise practicing social distancing. As you can see in the picture, … Read More

Baby Lamb is Born!

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My daughter, Megan, and her husband, Pete, have 1 and a half acres in Corrales. You may remember a story about their beekeeping. Well this past year they have been raising sheep. There was one male, named Concho, and four females, named Happy, Winona, Darcie and Sarah. They are raising these sheep for the meat to eat. I didn’t think it was appropriate to name … Read More

An Entrepreneurial Thought for the New Year 2020!

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As I started the new decade, I decided to re-read The E Myth by Michael Gerber. I can’t believe how much I got out of this reading, and yet I can. Electronic Money Company is in the process of scaling up. We are adding integrations with multiple tablet software systems, and we are adding sales reps because of this new product launch. I wanted to … Read More

Hollowell Family Tradition, Popovers!

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When Walt and I were very young, still in high school and dating, he took me out to a real dinner at a real fancy restaurant! I was so excited to have my first date at an expensive restaurant! It was called Chimney Corner, located in Stamford, Connecticut. It was a German restaurant, quite renowned for its food and ambiance. It was here that we … Read More

Back From an Event with My International Success Club!

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Back From an Event with My International Success Club

I recently had the pleasure of attending another event with the success club I belong to. It is called the Global Information Network. We study together the principals of Napoleon Hill. We practice the teachings of Dale Carnegie in How to Win Friends and Influence People. We share with each other the books by Esther and Jerry Hicks, more specifically, Ask and It Is Given. … Read More