How To Speed Up Telephone Call Time To Your Credit Card Processor Tech Support!

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Invariably, at some point, you have to call your 1-800 technical support number for your credit card terminal. It shouldn’t suck up an hour of your time but it can.  And time is money, especially when your terminal is down, people can’t pay you and they start walking out the door!

Below is a typical scenario which you want to avoid and below that are some tips on how to avoid this stress.

Here is a typical scenario which you want to avoid:

You call tech support because a transaction won’t go through.

  • Step 1: Please enter your merchant ID#. (Oh, you don’t have it and now you have to find it and call back.)
  • Step 2: Please enter your business phone #.
  • Step 3: Please confirm the name of your business.
  • Step 4: Press 1 for terminal support and 2 for merchant services, 3 for questions about your statement, 4……..0 for operator.
  • Step 5: Press 1 for terminal model VX series, press 2 for FD series, press 3 for ……..0 for operator. (Oh, you don’t know what model terminal you have and now you have to figure it out and call back and start the steps all over again.)
  • Step 6: Finally you are on the phone with someone from India, who is hard to understand, and they spend a brief time with you and tell you to call your sales rep and get a new terminal. In other words, they get points for how fast they can “help” and get someone off the phone.
  • Step 7: So you call back a 3rd time and you finally get someone with a bit of patience. But after half an hour they still can’t figure out the solution to your problem, so they elevate you to level 2. That person has to start all over with the troubleshooting you have already done and another half hour goes by and they elevate you to level 3.  Then you start all over again going through the same steps for the third time and they ask you to hold, but oh,oh, the line dropped!!!

Now you have to start all over yet again dialing the tech support at 1-800-IGNORE-ME !

Tip #1:  Look Up Your Merchant ID# Before You Dial the Phone

Tip #2:  Figure Out Your Model Name and # Before You Dial the Phone

Tip#3:  Work With Electronic Money Company who has in house technical support and answers the phone live!

You will never have the 1-800-IGNORE-ME problem with Electronic Money Company.

We reduce the 7 steps to 1 step, the original phone call. 

  • We have our own in house client service and support.
  • We answer the phone live.
  • We know our client’s by name and they know us by name.
  • We know their merchant ID # and their model of equipment.
  • We already are level 3 support!

We build relationships and we care! 

Before you sign up with a processor, ask them for the technical support number.  Call the number and see how long it takes someone to answer the phone and what steps they take you through before they will answer a question.  It may not seem important when you sign up, but at some time you will need the support.  It becomes very important when the processor wastes your time by keeping you on hold.  It becomes very frustrating when the customer support people speak English as their second language.  Not only do you have to interpret the geek, but now you also have to interpret the accent.

When your terminal is down and customers can’t pay you, the lack of service becomes so very important.

Call our tech support at 505-296-2847!

 Or Contact Us Here Right Now!

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