“Unlike our previous processor, Electronic Money Company helped us through the gut-wrenching confusion of the PCI survey. We are so glad our clients’ information is now protected.”Dr. Robban Sica, Center for Healing Arts

“We have been with EMC for over a decade. We get calls from telemarketers every day, and we tell them we would never leave EMC. When I need help, a live person answers the phone. They understand how important it is to have our credit card machine ringing up payments. Any issues that arise are fixed the same day.”Kim Herrera, Bob’s Burgers

“Our credit card machine had been down for two weeks. After many phone calls and frustrating hours, we still had no help from our current processor. Now we get a resolution with concerns the same day! ”Dave Santillanes, Martin Bros Plumbing
“Here is why Electronic Money Company has clients for life and why we integrated their payment processing to our software. In the world of merchant services, it's easy to think of the services as a commodity (who has the best rates is all that matters) but unfortunately even if that's all that matters to you it's very difficult to tell one from another or to be able to predict good future service from bad service since all you start with is the sales person in front of you spewing lots of numbers and jargon that seems to differ from one sales person to the next (each saying that the other one is lying). As someone who has tried quite a few merchant service providers over the years I can tell you that all of my relationships have turned sour due to hidden fees and percentages creeping onto my monthly bills over the course of time. All except for one. Electronic Money Company has been the first HONEST company I've ever worked with. Their service has been outstanding. If we have a question, they answer it or find the answer quickly and they have delivered as promised with no hidden fees or sleazy car salesman tactics. If you need merchant services for your company or integrated payments for your software, Electronic Money Company is the place to be. Plus they have great rates and are always willing to beat the competition.Rob Weinstein, Event Rental Systems
"We are so happy and comfortable with you and your company. Any time I have had an issue, everything gets taken care of. I am confident that you have my back."Christa Raney, Ted’s Pawn & Jewelry, Gallup, NM
"I would like to take this time to extend the gratitude on behalf of the Santa Clara Tribal Court to you and your staff, specifically Carolyn, for all of your hard work that you have done to ensure our credit card machine and check reader work properly. As of today, both are in outstanding working order.

We look forward to our continued business together. Again, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication."David Povijua, Court Clerk, Santa Clara Tribal Court
"We have been using Electronic Money Company for 5 years at our 10 locations in Albuquerque. We chose EMC because they were recommended by a colleague and they lowered our rates substantially. Our rep is Johnny on the Spot with service.

We never have to call the 1-800 line to the front end processor because EMC has their own technical support in house. We know them by name and they know us. Whenever glitches occur, someone comes out personally to service our equipment the same day we call. We don’t have to worry about a thing.

EMC takes on all the hassles of technical support. And not only have we never had a rate or fee increase, but as we grew, EMC lowered our rates! Can’t get this service with low rates anywhere else!"Clifford and Lydia Salas, Bobs Burgers, Albuquerque, NM
“Thank you so much for your outstanding customer service! I appreciate everything you do for me and for the hospital. I couldn’t do this without you. And you can quote me on that!!”Diana M. Green, Staff Accountant, Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center
“When I switched over to DPP with David Anthony, the process was seamless, and I have been very happy with the rates and service. I have had many years in the restaurant a business and had many different experiences with processors. This has been a welcome change.”Robert Day, Santa Fe Bar and Grill, Santa Fe, NM
"You have a such great product with actual support! It is refreshing to find a company like this. It is so important for us little guys, the small business owner. You treat me special as if I was one of your big clients, which I know you have as well. I will continue to recommend you to all my clients. I run across so many people fed up with the non-service from their credit card processor. I like your slogan that you are the opposite of 1-800-ignore-me."Steve Holland, Holland's Office Products, Gallup, NM
“Ginger, I haven’t had to talk to you guys once and I love that. The system works great, funding is quick and rates are good. That’s all I ask for; simple with peace of mind because out of sight (ha ha) is not a bad thing. I love it working so smooth in the background, doing its thing.” Ismael Cardenas, Party with 630, East Palo Alto, CA
“Gingergaye Hollowell is great to work with and will run down all the details. She fights to keep our rates down. The ERS integration is awesome and a huge time saver for refunds or voids if you ever have to do them.”Brad Thorson, Jumptastic
"Our new restaurant POS system from Electronic Money company is fantastic. It is user friendly and made for family restaurants and bars. I switched over from a tablet system, which was not robust enough to handle waiting on our customers.

Now we can split tickets, switch servers, patrons can move tables and we never lose an order. If the internet goes down, we can still run credit cards on their integration to the wireless phone networks.

The system monitors fraud from servers and it is easy for our servers to learn. We looked at other system, but the prices were exhorbitant and we didn’t want to pay for bells and whistles we weren’t going to use. And by the way, the installation and ongoing service and support are unrivaled!"Rory McKeown, Quarter Celtic, Albuquerque, NM











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