How I Lost 15 Pounds!

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As I got older, and my metabolism changed, I started gaining weight.  I tried exercising but it only made me hungrier.  I ate more calories than I lost exercising.  It seemed my only alternative was to starve myself and skip meals.  That also made me hungrier and the next meal I added more calories than I had skipped.

A friend recommended a weight loss coach. I met with him and he sold me on his very, successful but expensive program.  I checked out his many testimonials    He planned to meet with me once a week, weigh me, and measure me.  He started me off on an app called, “My Fitness Pal”.  I was supposed to enter everything that went into my mouth into the app, which tracked calories, protein, carbs, and fat.  It was a big pain in the “you know what”, but I did it.

The next week, he reduced my calories by 200 per day.  It seemed challenging and I fought it tooth and nail.  I didn’t lose even half a pound.

The following week, I was to reduce calories again, which seemed impossible.  But I attempted it half-heartedly.  Again, I didn’t lose a pound.  By this time I was extremely frustrated and thinking about quitting.

In the 4th week, I discovered a book by some lady who made a million bucks by helping women lose weight.  I can’t even remember her name or the name of the book.  All it said was to make a decision that you were going to lose weight, PERIOD!  It was all about the commitment.  Of course, I have heard this success lesson about making a definite decision many times before.

I struggled along for another couple of weeks.  I was not losing any weight and was so upset about the money I had spent.  So I called up the coach and told him I wanted to quit and was requesting a refund.  He rejected this idea completely!

It was then, that I realized I didn’t want to be a quitter because quitters never win!  It was then that everything started to change because now I was beginning my commitment.

About 3 months into this, which seemed like a lifetime, my body adjusted to the new calorie count and I was feeling satiated enough.  Finally, the weight started coming off.

I continue to use “My Fitness Pal” as it reveals to me the foods that are high in calories.  Before I was baking muffins with almond flour, thinking it was higher in fiber and better than wheat flour, but it has 2X the calories. I ended up dropping muffins altogether because they were high in calories and didn’t fill me up unless I ate 4 of them!  That was a losing proposition.

Now I feel young again with my girlish figure back.  I had felt before like I was living in someone else’s body.  And the best news is that I have no trouble at all maintaining my new weight!