Keep Clients with Your Bank

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How a Good Merchant Services Program Keeps Clients with Your Bank

How a Good Merchant Services Program Keep Clients with Your Bank Is your current processor for merchant services shrinking your residual income and causing your clients to put their deposits into another bank? A good merchant services program should not only keep your merchants with your bank forever, but grow your portfolio of merchants doing their card processing with you as well. So how does … Read More

Banks and Affiliate Partnerships for Merchant Services

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On the one hand a merchant services program is supposed to spin off a revenue stream to the bank. On the other hand the bank gets complaints from its customers regarding various merchant services issues ranging from: It makes the bank wonder if it shouldn’t just let their customers find their own merchant services solution? If your bank client goes elsewhere for their merchant services … Read More

Duck Metaphor

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Have you ever marveled at sight of a duck gliding across the glass, smooth surface of a pond? There is just a shallow “V” in the duck’s wake as he calmly moves his head from side to side. Well, that’s on the surface but what is happening underneath is quite a different story with the duck’s webbed feet paddling like crazy! When you partner with … Read More

Stick Merchants to Your Bank with Communication

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We have spent a lot of time developing proprietary systems of superb communication with our merchants as well as our bank referral partners. Merchants get several emails during the process of application. We, also, are happy to meet regularly and provide onsite training with your staff at the Bank who are involved in referring merchant services in order to ensure a successful program.