Compare Square to a Merchant Account!

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Compare Square to a Merchant Account

Click here to watch the video Let’s Compare Square to a Merchant Account! Square is highly advertised and has brand name recognition.  Does that mean that it is the best payment processor for you?  Let’s explore. Square is easy to sign up. The application process is easy and simple.  I agree.  They pretty much take everybody, no matter how small you are or how bad … Read More

Text to Pay

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Text to Pay is just like sending invoices in an email with a click to pay button, only using text messaging to send the click to pay button.  Just like in an email, the link takes them to a website where they can enter a credit card or debit card for their invoice payment.  The newer technology is now Text to Pay.  Most people are … Read More

How a Merchant Can Protect Themselves Against a Chargeback!

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Here is a true story about a furniture store that lost a $5,500 chargeback and how it could have been prevented. The customer paid for the furniture over the phone with an approved credit card. The customer asked if the store could deliver the furniture about an hour outside of town, to which the furniture store complied. When the delivery person arrived with the furniture, … Read More

What is the Newest Hidden Merchant Fee from Credit Card Processors?

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Merchant Services Hidden Fees

The credit card processing industry has upgraded its efforts to protect merchants against fraud.  One of the best advances has been introducing the chipped card versus the older magnetic swipe technology.  That magnetic stripe was easy for fraudsters to extract credit card numbers and even address information to manufacture and duplicate peoples’ credit cards. Chipped cards are challenging for fraudsters to replicate because the transaction … Read More

Can Medical and Recreational Cannabis Stores Accept Credit Cards for Payments?

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Since medical and recreational cannabis sales are not legal at the federal level, the answer is a flat NO. However, dispensaries do have another solution to accept plastic.  They can use a Cashless ATM and process pin debit cards. A cashless ATM looks and feels like a credit card terminal.  In fact, it is a credit card terminal, which is programmed to function and pass … Read More

Are We Ready for the Cashierless Grocery Store?

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Scan for Payment Processing

We will find out as Amazon is now opening its first such store in Seattle with its “Just Walk Out” technology.  It is a full-scale grocery store of 25,000 square feet. Cameras detect when an item leaves the shelf and goes into your grocery cart.  Sensors detect all the items in your cart and add up your bill.  Your credit or debit card is automatically … Read More

To Offer Cash Back on Debit Card Transactions or Not?

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Debit Card Cash Back

Overall, offering cash back to your customers can be a benefit. 1. It provides a service of convenience for your customers and can develop loyalty and an opportunity to spread word of mouth advertising regarding the convenience. 2. Customers appreciate the ability to add cash to their pocket without an additional trip to the ATM and without incurring the ATM fee. 3. Offering cash back … Read More

Attention Business Suppliers with Net 30 Terms!

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Culture in the business-to-business world has dictated a customary practice of offering buyers net 30 terms or even longer.  Giving buyers 30 days is the same as borrowing money at interest for 30 days.  Maybe a business has enough cash sitting in their bank account, but the slow speed of collecting money owed on invoices has an actual cost. Many suppliers offer a net 10 … Read More

Are Restaurant Delivery Services Making Money or Draining Money from Restaurants?

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The pandemic brought about significant increases in demand for delivery services as restaurants were forced to shut down indoor dining. Surveys show that 60% of adults and 71% of millennials will want to continue having these options post COVID lockdowns.  However, delivery services cost money, and restaurants are giving up big margins paying the delivery companies to keep their doors open.  Neither the restaurants nor … Read More