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Surcharging your Credit Card Processing at the Point of Sale!

Reduce your credit card processing fees by 75%! I’m Gingergaye with Electronic Money Company merchant services. Surcharging is fast becoming the preferred program most chosen by merchants! Even more significantly, it is fast becoming the expected behavior that customers are used to when paying for products and services. Why? Because surcharging is the best program to reduce your rates and fees on payment processing. Here

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What is DejaPayPro Tablet POS?| Affordable and Powerful Tablet POS System!

DejaPayPro Tablet POS, a product from Dejavoo Systems, renowned for its range of credit card terminal devices. Despite its amusing name, DejaPayPro stands out as a powerful yet surprisingly budget-friendly option in the realm of point-of-sale systems. What makes DejaPayPro noteworthy is its compelling price point. For just $398, you can acquire an Android tablet securely mounted on a robust stand, accompanied by a convenient

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How to Reduce Sales Lost from Abandoned Shopping Cart | Boost Your Online Sales

Want to Reduce Sales Lost from Abandoned Shopping Carts? There is new technology available to boost your online sales! Did you know that nearly 70% of customers leave the checkout page without completing their purchase? That means that for every 100 customers shopping on your site, 70 will leave without entering their payment information and finishing the purchase. Let me describe this new technology to

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Mastering Payment Processing: Traditional Merchant Accounts vs. Square and PayPal

Navigating the world of payment processing involves distinguishing between traditional merchant accounts and payment aggregators like Square or PayPal. I’m Gingergaye, President of Electronic Money Company Merchant Services, I’m here to shed light on these two distinct methods of accepting payments, each with its unique characteristics and advantages. Traditional Merchant Accounts vs. Payment Aggregators In essence, the primary contrast between traditional merchant accounts and payment

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Free Hardware for POS System!?! Or a Scam?

Businesses thrive on efficiency, and when the prospect of free hardware for a Point of Sale system arises, it’s understandably tempting. Square, Clover, and Harbor Touch have made this offer, promising to equip businesses with essential tools like tablets, cash drawers, and printers without the initial cost. But does ‘free’ come without a catch? The enticing proposition of saving potentially thousands upfront for crucial POS

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How to Grow Your Business by Adding Cash Back

Boosting Your Business with Cash Back By Gingergaye, Electronic Money Company Businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to stand out and attract more customers. Offering cash back at your retail location can be a strategic move that not only benefits your customers but also enhances your business’s growth. Let’s explore the advantages of providing cash back and how it can impact your bottom line. Increased

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How Choosing the Right Processor for Integrated Payments Provides Client Stickiness

Customer service has emerged as a crucial component for ensuring the success and longevity of your business. One area where customer service often gets overlooked, yet is equally important, is the selection of the right payment processor for integrated payments. As a software company or app developer, this choice can significantly impact your relationship with clients and their overall satisfaction. Imagine you are a customer

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Sharing the Revenue from Payment Processing

Software companies and app developers are continually seeking innovative solutions to enhance their offerings and meet the ever-evolving demands of their clients. In this quest for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, one valuable partnership that is often overlooked is the collaboration between software companies and merchant services providers. Beyond the seamless integration of payment processing solutions, this collaboration can bring substantial financial benefits to both parties involved.

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Automatic Card Updater | Integrating Payment Processing

Managing payment card information can be a hassle for merchants with recurring billing programs for their clients. One of the most common headaches is dealing with card expiration dates. When a customer’s credit card expires, merchants often find themselves in a predicament – a declined payment, and the subsequent task of tracking down the customer for updated card information. This process can be a time-consuming,

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