A Story of Restaurant Employee Theft and How to Prevent It

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Gingergaye here, with Electronic Money Company Merchant Services, bringing you a story of how a POS system saved a fortune for a fine dining establishment. This particular restaurant had existed under family ownership for two generations. They were a gem in the community but all of a sudden they were starting to lose money.

The employees had a theft “game” going, which worked like this. When food shipments arrived, it was the employees’ job to receive the inventory into the restaurant. When a shipment of lobsters and steaks came in, the employees devised a change-up in their system. The group was all in on it together, and the clean-up crew set up a trash barrel with a new trash bag. A couple of individuals in receiving put a bunch of lobsters and steaks from the shipment into the trash bucket. The bucket was set outside, supposedly for trash pick up. They put the rest of the steaks and lobsters into the freezers. But instead of the trash picking it up, the employees had a gig with a competing restaurant in town, which would pay them 50% of the inventory in cash. The competing restaurant got the lobsters and steaks for half price. The employees, who were in on the deal, split the cash!

The restaurant owners had not set up their POS to track packages of meat received and units used in meal preparation. Besides, they had these employees for a while and trusted them. Without the tracking, the employees could make a good stash of cash on the side for several months before being detected.

The moral of the story is that business owners who lose money from not tracking inventory not only lose money from employee theft but lose endless hours trying to figure out their problem and endure a ton of emotional stress in the process.

Setting up POS systems to work on autopilot takes a bit of time upfront. Getting help from POS experts, like Electronic Money Company, can make this job easy! It is like building a proper foundation for a building. The rewards are exponential.

These business owners moved on and were careful to track all inventory from that point forward. Call us at 505-296-2847 and mention this story on YouTube, and we will give you a FREE printer with an order for a POS system.

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