FREE Gift & Loyalty plus FREE Marketing Templates Inside Our Tablet POS!

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FREE Gift and Loyalty and FREE Marketing Templates!

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 POS Tablet Software with Built-In Marketing

We have many jobs as business owners and entrepreneurs, management, bookkeeping, sales, and marketing. It is challenging to fill all the roles. Pos tablet systems assist us in all aspects of running our business by providing automated processes. I am Gingergaye, and today I want to speak to you today specifically about gift, loyalty, and marketing that comes free with Electronic Money Company’s proprietary POS systems for restaurants, retail, contractors, and salons.

Gift and Loyalty

We are all familiar with gift and loyalty programs. They bring customers back because we reward them when they spend more with us. Gift cards bring new customers to our places of business. These merchant programs traditionally have fees attached to them. They are valuable in the returns they bring to our businesses, so we don’t fight the fees too much.

That being said, there is a way to eliminate them. These fees go away if you run your business with a POS tablet software. POS software programs have gift and loyalty built-in with no transaction fees.


Marketing is one of those aspects of running a business that is challenging to most business owners but necessary to build and maintain relationships with our customers. After all, the customers form the foundation of our business and our reason for existing.

Our POS tablet system at Electronic Money Company has easy marketing built right in. No more do you need to integrate to outside, complicated apps. Our POS automatically tracks new, high value, regular and inactive customers by spending. It is easy to create a message on the fly and send it via email or text to one of these groups. It allows you to create the text, drag pictures, and even insert links with a simple to use drag-and-drop template. Connecting with customers takes about 10 seconds to renew and grow relationships.

Visit to learn more about the benefits of using a POS tablet system from Electronic Money Company. Don’t worry about getting it set up, because we help you with the start up and it is easy to navigate.

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