Cash Discounting Allows for Zero Cost Credit Card Processing!

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Cash Discounts Credit Card Processing

Reducing credit card processing fees to ZERO by passing on credit card processing fees to the consumer is a growing trend for merchants.  It is easy to implement with a program called Cash Discounting.  After all, merchants can SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS per year, many even monthly!  The post COVID economy gives merchants no choice but to look for ways to save money and preserve their profit margins. After all, credit card processing fees are overhead costs just like their other costs of goods sold.

The program passes the Visa rules sniff test by creating a custom fee added to the register ticket.  It is automated inside a credit card terminal or a POS system.

How Are Consumers Reacting to Cash Discount?

Consumers are getting accustomed to the practice. They understand that merchants pay fees for their privilege of using credit cards for payment. They also have sympathy for small businesses who have been hard hit by shutdowns and are willing to do their part to build small businesses back up for the good of our whole economy.

Merchants with small ticket sizes have been the first to adopt this practice with little or no push back from their clients!  An extra $.50 on top of a fast-food order or even a couple of dollars added on to a $50 purchase is not a big deal to consumers with the inflation taking place in our economy.

Here is how the Cash Discounting program works.

As a merchant, you can charge whatever pricing you want, including a custom fee at checkout.  A sign can be posted to indicate all pricing in the store is cash pricing and that any other tender at the checkout will have a custom fee of 4% added to it.  Thus the name of the program is Cash Discounting. The custom fee is automatically printed onto the receipt to be signed by the customer.  There is a merchant option to allow individuals to opt out of the custom fee at the point of sale device, or a merchant can choose an option that requires the custom fee at every transaction.

The result is Zero Cost Credit Card Processing!

The merchant sees no processing fees from the merchant processor ever deducted from their daily transactions or at the end of the month.  There is no need to reconcile a merchant statement at the end of the month because there have been no fees. There is no need even to receive a merchant statement! The 4% fee is added to the consumer’s ticket to pay but immediately deducted before the transaction is deposited into the merchant’s bank account.  If the ticket is $100, then the merchants see $100 going into their bank account.

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