B2B Payment Processing Secrets

Attention: Business to Business merchants taking Purchasing Cards, Corporate Cards and Business Cards for Payment Processing!

Stop paying 3% to 4% or HIGHER for Level 2, 3 & 4 corporate purchasing cards! Save 1% or MORE to your bottom line!

Payment processing is expensive enough without donating extra money to the banks!

Purchasing Cards (“P” Cards), Corporate cards and Business cards are company credit cards which government entities, large and medium-sized businesses give their employees for procurement.

Since they are considered high risk for fraud, the merchant pays a high rate for credit card processing, often 3% or 4%!

NOW PAY ONLY 1.75% for corporate cards!


Electronic Money Company looked at our merchant statement and told us we already had a low rate, but they saved us a whopping $500/month off the wholesale interchange rate on our corporate, business and purchasing cards! Thank you for showing us the advanced technology to get this advantage!Kurt Wresh, USA Inflatables

Save On Your Credit Card Processing Fees!

Lower your interchange rate on B2B cards from 3% or 4% to 1.75%!