B2B Payment Processing Secrets

Attention: Business to Business merchants taking Purchasing Cards, Corporate Cards and Business Cards for Payment Processing!

Stop paying 3% to 4% or HIGHER for Level 2, 3 & 4 corporate purchasing cards! Save 1% or MORE to your bottom line!

Purchasing Cards (“P” Cards), Corporate cards and Business cards are company credit cards which government entities, large and medium sized businesses give their employees for procurement.

Since they are considered high risk for fraud, the merchant pays a high rate for credit card processing, often 3% or 4%!

NOW PAY ONLY 1.75% for corporate cards!

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I accept large purchasing cards in my business. I saved over $900 last month on my card processing! EMC is amazing! And the secret turned out to be so simple! Mike Rode, Dynamic Communications, Albuquerque, NM

Secrets to Savings for B2B Merchants

Secrets Of B2B Credit Card Processing Savings

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We used to transact “P” cards via a cumbersome online portal. We had been told that if we entered all sorts of extra information about the transaction, like sales tax and SIC code and line item description, that we would save money on the interchange cost. It was basically a big pain to enter all the data and we saw no savings for our effort. Electronic Money Company showed us their web portal that could save us the interchange cost on “P” cards without us having to enter in the time sucking line items and codes. It works like a charm! We are saving about 1% on those transactions!”Marie Hugaboom, Franks Supply, Albuquerque, NM

Save On Your Credit Card Processing Fees!

Lower your interchange rate on B2B cards from 3% or 4% to 1.75%!