Attention Credit Unions!
Don’t Get Stuck Referring Your Credit Union Members to a Merchant Services Processor Whose Phone # is 1-800-IGNORE-ME!

Who Else Wants A Merchant Services Program with Service and Support Humming Along in the Background?
That You Never Hear from Your Merchants Except to Tell You
How Happy They Are?

The typical sad story:

You start out with a Merchant Services Program offering low rates and superior service for merchants with a 3 year contract, but …

The processor raises rates periodically and throws in extra fees for your merchants not originally presented in your contract.

Service is assigned to a “Special Agent” just for your credit union, but that “Agent” is either removed and replaced like a revolving door or ends up with so many relationships to manage that you and your clients simply evaporate into another phone call inside a 1-800-IGNORE-ME system?

If you want a merchant services provider with:

White glove service from experienced agents (who have stayed with the same New Mexico company for over 15 years) and who are nurturing, patient and quick responding!

Easy Pricing to Attract Merchants and Stick Them to Your Institution! With No Hidden Fees – NO annual fees, NO IRS regulatory fees, NO termination fee, NO liquidated damages Fees and NO Gateway fees!

And a “No Rate Increase & No Surprise Fee Guarantee!

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