3 Benefits to True Pin Debit for Cannabis Dispensaries!

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featured image 3 Benefits to True Pin Debit for Cannabis Dispensaries

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I want to talk to you about the three main benefits of true PIN debit payment processing for dispensaries. Listen to all three, because the third one saves you a ton of money.

  • The first benefit is that PIN debit is fully legal and compliant. The cashless ATM was fraudulent. It was posing as an ATM machine, but really it was a payment terminal sending money to merchants bank accounts and Visa and MasterCard have shut it down. PIN debit is fully legal and compliant.
  • The second benefit is that it is easy and fast for customers to use, and it is easy and fast for bud tenders to process. So the customer pays the exact amount of the transaction and that makes for easy bookkeeping for the merchant. The bud tenders, it saves them time because they don’t have to make change from the rounding up from a cashless ATM machine.
  • The third benefit for true PIN debit is that it costs less than 4%. It is the least expensive method for getting your money to the bank because if you’re driving cash over to the bank, the bank is going to charge you 5 to 7%, depending on the bank for those cash deposits. And then you have the costs of time and transportation costs getting it to the bank, whether it’s yourself or you’re hiring somebody. Courier services charge about 7% to take your money to the bank, and that can be on top of what the bank charges you to deposit the cash. True PIN debit is less than 4% and the least expensive way to get your money in a safe place.

Now I’m going to give you two bonus benefits:

  1. The first one is we add Electronic Money Company. By the way, I’m Ginger Gay and we give you an opportunity to add a custom fee at the total at the terminal of 4%. So the customer, in effect, is covering all your processing fees.
  2. The second bonus is that when you apply for PIN debit with us, you are also applying for credit card transaction processing for when it becomes federally legal to do so, it’ll be automatic just turning on a flag at the back end. You’ll be ready to go.

So give us a call today at 5052962847. If you have any questions and you can also go to my webpage, look at our FAQS to learn more about true PIN debit payment processing for dispensaries. The address to the web page is here: https://electronicmoneycompany.com/cannabis-dispensary-payments

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