Beware Of This Merchant Telemarketing Scam!

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Telemarketers try to scam merchants into switching their credit card processing by pretending to be their current merchant services provider. They use common words like, “This is your merchant services calling,” instead of mentioning the processor’s name. They tell whoppers on the phone to scare merchants into thinking they are paying too much.

Another scare tactic is to frighten the merchant into thinking their credit card terminal is out of date. They create urgency for action by telling them that they need to get a new one immediately before it shuts down and they can’t take credit cards at all. A new scan is scaring merchants into thinking they are paying too much for their PCI protection and they can reduce it if they act immediately while they are on the phone with the scam for merchants. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry and refers to an annual survey required of merchants, to ensure they are following proper procedures to protect credit card holders and private information.

Telemarketers try to get merchants to send a merchant statement over to them. And then the caller tries to get them to sign a new application on a DocuSign and switch them over. The pressure is hard and fast. These telemarketers use fear to scare business owners into thinking they have an urgency and need to stay on the phone with the telemarketer to get more information on how to save their skin. Most of the time they are going to charge them more money than they currently pay and there is a small print clause locking them in for three years to avoid a huge penalty for leaving their lousy service.

Do not be afraid to call us If you want some advice and need to double-check information from a telemarketer. Don’t get scammed! Call 5052962847. Electronic Money Company has had a reputation for our honesty and integrity for over 20 years. Our white-glove in-house support will be happy to answer your questions.

This merchant telemarketing scam is a scam that you should definitely avoid. This scam is happening all over the internet and it’s important to be vigilant about it!

Electronic money company is honest, upfront. We shower our customers with white glove service and support. We also never raise rates on any of our customers. Our goal is to keep our merchants for the life of their business. Feel free to reach out any time. You can also contact us on our Contact US page. Have a great day.

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