Creating the Right Culture in Your Business

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I am going to credit this success tip to Rob Weinstein, co-owner of Event Rental Systems (ERS).  We recently attended a seminar with their clients in Albuquerque, NM.  ERS is a software company with a product for businesses that rent equipment and want to take bookings online.

Rob hired a business coach who spent two full days with him and his partner, Corey, establishing their business’ purpose, values and vision.  This was NOT an exercise to be hashed out in a one hour meeting.  Needless to say, when Rob and Corey went through the exercise, they were exasperated with the detail.

Now listen to the result.  Once these principles of purpose, values and vision were established, they shared them with their employees.  All actions, sales, customer service, relationships with employees, customers and each other, and even bookkeeping and accounting, were evaluated in connection with their purpose,  values and vision.  The result was that the energy vibration emanating from each team member was aligned.  It was picked up by the customers and vendors.  The company grew very quickly and the universe delivered to them an offer to sell their business for a generous price!