Culture of Trust Vs. Hidden Fees and 1-800-IGNORE-ME Tech Support!

Ginger HollowellCredit Card Processing/ Merchant ServicesLeave a Comment

I heard a talk last week from Ron Farmer, CEO of Fullsteam, a group of leading software and payments businesses across the United States focused on providing streamlined payments infrastructure and operational support to its subsidiaries. He spoke about the culture of trust and how that culture grows a business. He shared information from a book called, “The Speed of Trust,” by Stephen Covey, and how it has helped Fullsteam grow. Straight talk, listening, being loyal, being respectful, keeping commitments, righting wrongs and delivering results, are the values one finds in a business who has a culture of trust.

I think we would all agree that more credit card processing companies should create a culture of trust, but too many have salespeople that lie to prospective merchants, technical support people who speak English as a second language and who are impatient to get merchants off the phone, and administrative departments that send merchants monthly statements that read like hieroglyphics.

I am so proud to report that Electronic Money Company does indeed have a culture of trust as follows:

  1. We talk straight talk to merchants when presenting our quote on rates, explaining all fees on our application. Our transparent merchant statement reflects our straight talk as well.
  2. We listen carefully to merchants who call us with technical situations or questions about their fees. We believe that God gave us two ears and one mouth to use respectively.
  3. We are loyal to employees, who would run through a brick wall for us.
  4. We are respectful to merchants and will fight for them like the 3rd monkey trying to get onto Noah’s Ark.
  5. We keep commitments, not over-promising on time frames for set up and delivery of our hardware and services.
  6. We right wrongs and are not afraid to admit when we have egg on our face from a mistake.
  7. We deliver results, which is evidenced in our continual growth for 20 years.

There are so many other choices out there for merchant services. It is challenging to explain our culture of trust when we first meet a merchant, but so many reviews are helpful. Please take time to read our reviews.

Our purpose is to ease the confusion and pain of merchant services from the beginning through the life of your business. Our vision is to be the best choice for merchant services, period.

We appreciate our merchants who stay loyal for the life of their business. We look forward to serving you.

Gingergaye Hollowell
President, Electronic Money Company