Discover 17 Leaks Which Leave Restaurant Owners Poor!

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Discover 17 Leaks Which Leave Restaurant Owners Poor!

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Discover how Restaurant POS and Merchant Services Choices can greatly affect a restaurant’s bottom line.

Restaurant owners can grow their bottom line by tightening up the small money leaks that can add up if not attended to. A good example of this is employee theft. Like the famous soda pop game that waiters play, perhaps your point of sale provider is not as prompt as they could be when you have a station down and that costs money.

Another example is if your credit card processing provider doesn’t provide a backup system for you when the internet’s down you can’t take credit cards. Or maybe it’s just not having the right management tools and reports or accessibility to those reports when you need them.

Hi I’m Ginger Gay Hollowell, President of Electronic Money Company. I’ve been here in Albuquerque New Mexico for 20 years.

I put together a report called the 17 Leaks Which Leave Restaurant Owners Poor. You won’t have a salesperson breathing down your neck or pressuring you to sign the bottom line you can just educate yourself.

Do it now while it’s fresh on your mind before you get busy and you miss this valuable information.

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Enjoy the report!

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