From Credit Card Terminals to Tablet Enterprise Systems!

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The credit card terminal is going to the land of the dinosaurs. It doesn’t cost much more to buy a tablet than a terminal, and the tablet has the power to run your whole business management and marketing along with your payment processing. Monthly licensing fees are charged by the software companies ranging from $39.95 to around $495.00. The basics of point of sale, inventory and payment processing, are covered with the lower range of license fees. The license fees climb higher as more services such as CRM, online POS, online scheduling, website editors, and drip marketing campaigns are added into the software.

Electronic Money Company is pleased to announce that we are adding a cloud-based software to our offerings. We call it Booking Online Software Systems, otherwise known as BOSS. It is an enterprise software that grows with a business, with three levels of licensing. It is uniquely designed for businesses that want to offer their customers online scheduling and booking. It has an easy-to-build website editor that allows a merchant to build landing pages for Facebook ads in minutes. It is powerful in that it will build a customer data base, and manage the relationships with customers through smart drip campaign texting and emailing. Not only can the business owner drive prospects to its website without hiring a web developer, but also set up automatic marketing once that systematically reaches out to prospects or customers continually on autopilot.

If you are a business owner who wants to stop being a slave to your business and instead realize your financial and quality of life dreams that you had when you first stated your business, then take action and get a software package that suits your business.  It will allow you to acquire more customers, more profits, and give you the ability to live a life of freedom not chained down to your business!

Call us a 505-296-2847 to start a conversation about a tablet POS!

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