How to Save .75% on Credit Card Fees for Corporate, Business and Purchasing Cards!

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How to Save .75% on Credit Card Fees for Corporate, Business and Purchasing Cards!

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Stop donating an extra ¾% to 1% to the banks for your corporate, business and purchasing payment card transactions!

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I’m going to tell you a secret on how you can lower your credit card processing rates for corporate, business, and purchasing cards. So if you’re a merchant who takes these kind of card payments, pay attention for just one minute.

So corporate business and purchasing cards have the highest rates of all payment card types. That is because they have the highest risk. But this risk can be lowered by passing through information along with the transaction besides just the amount.

Information such as sales tax, shipping information, zip code, customer code. Now some processors have a virtual terminal that allow you to pass this extra information along. However it’s time consuming, it’s cumbersome, and staff get frustrated and so they skip it resulting in zero savings.

I’m Ginger Gay, President of Electronic Money Company and we have advanced technology that can pass through this extra information behind the scenes automatically. We’re saving our merchants on average three-quarters of a percent on these corporate business and purchasing cards. We can save that three-quarters of a percent whether they process through an e-commerce site or a mobile gateway or even just a regular credit card terminal.

I put together some information, more details, and explanation in a report, It’s called Secrets to B2B Credit Card Processing Savings. Credit card processing is expensive enough without donating an extra three quarters of a percent to the banks so give us a call at 505-296-2847 and put that money back in your pocket right away.

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