Here is how we work at Electronic Money Company

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Here is how we work at EMC

Here is how we, at Electronic Money Company, work differently from ALL the other credit card processors out there. Here is how we ease the confusion and pain of merchant services from the beginning through the life of your business.

  1. We are honest up front when we do a comparison analysis of your merchant statement. We do not leave any information out of the comparison, like termination fees or extra BS fees that can show up like a bad surprise on a merchant statement belonging to “Bob from Brand X”. And we go over it with you so that you understand every part of it. Even thought we explain things upfront, this is a confusing subject. Many of our merchants forget what we told them originally.  That is OK because we are ready, willing and able to answer all your questions honestly and review at any time.
  2. We communicate with you through every step in the application process to let you know the progress toward being ready to go live and start taking transactions. We let you know that we have received your application, when it has been submitted to underwriting and when it has been approved and you are ready to go.
  3. We believe that PCI compliance is an important security measure to have in place. Our recommendation is to post your PCI certificate where you customers can see it.  Customers like to know that you are protective of their credit card information and that you have taken care to have technology in place in order to prevent hacking.  PCI requirements are for merchants to complete a survey annually in order to prevent as much fraud as possible with credit card processing.  If a merchant neglects to do this survey, the processor slaps their wrist with a non-compliance fee until they get it done. We will remind you when that annual survey is due to be completed so that you never get stuck with a non-PCI compliance fee.
  4. When you sign up with one of our salespeople, you get to keep your relationship with your salesperson. Please call them with any concerns.  Most card processors hire salespeople to sign you up and then you never talk to them again.  You are directed to the 800-24-7-365 customer service line.  This support line many times ends up in India, which of course adds another frustrating element to customer service when support people speak English as a second language.  You will never get the same person to answer the phone.  That human will not know who you are or know anything about your business except for what they can look up in a data base.  With Electronic Money Company, we have our own merchant services support and technical support as first responders with the 800-24-7-365 support as a back up. You will get to know our customer service reps and they will know immediately who you are and even recognize your voice as soon as you start talking.  You become part of our family.  And of course, you can always call your sales rep.
  5. Most importantly, we differ from the other processors out there in that we do not believe in raising our rates and fees. The rate you start out with, stays with you for the life of our relationship.  We want to keep our merchants for life!  And that is what we do. We have had merchants with us since our beginnings in 2000.

Our vision is to be the best choice for merchant services, period!