What You Need to Know About QuickBooks Integration

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QuickBooks Integration

Can I Connect a New Credit Card Processor with QuickBooks? Can I Execute Payment Processing in QuickBooks with my Own Processor?

The answer to both is YES! Many merchants think they have to use QuickBooks’ merchant services processing in order to integrate their credit card payments within QuickBooks. But that is not true. QuickBooks, developed and marketed by Intuit, opened up their software for API integration from other processors long ago, and there are many options for assimilation.

QuickBooks offers credit card processing but the rates are a bit high. Their main business is the accounting software. Credit card processing is an add-on product for them, so support for merchant services is lacking when compared to a company that only executes payment processing.

When you need support for merchant services, it is beneficial to deal directly with your merchant services provider. QuickBooks acts more like a third-party accessory when it comes to service because merchant services is not their primary business. If you call QuickBooks with questions about their accounting software, they have systems in place to service and support those concerns. But your processor has systems in place to handle direct questions and concerns about merchant services because that is all they do. For example, suppose a customer has questions regarding how to prevent chargebacks. Going directly to the source, i.e., the processor, can yield more accurate and specific information.

Some integrations can be executed directly, and by that I mean, you can open your QuickBooks software program and seamlessly run a credit card transaction through your own chosen processor. The payment is instantly recorded inside QuickBooks. Other integrations require you to upload an Excel file of payment transactions to QuickBooks. Whichever one works best for you depends on whether you care about always operating within the customer’s record inside QuickBooks and recording the payment live, or if its more efficient for you to upload income data later in one batch.

At Electronic Money Company, you can have the ease and convenience of QuickBooks, AND more competitively priced processing! But most importantly, we will never sell you something and leave you to figure it out. Every time you call us, a real person will answer the phone to help you. Emails and voicemails never go unanswered, and we will never leave you in the dust to figure out something on your own. In fact, we love hearing from our merchants, getting to know them, and helping them with any technical or service question they may have. We go that extra mile to make sure every one of our merchants is satisfied, but more importantly, understands their service!

If you want to integrate your processing with QuickBooks, ask your processor what integrations they have available. Electronic Money Company has such tools. We use an integration called Instant Accept, and we would love to tell you all about it! Call us today at 505-296-2847.