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Pax A920 Pro Credit Card Terminal The Newest Technology

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Today I want to give you a little demonstration of a very new sleek credit card terminal. It’s called a Pax A 920 Pro and as you can see it’s very sleek and ergonomic. You can swipe a card, dip a card, or you can tap a card. This terminal can be used wirelessly with 4G or it can be used wi-fi or bluetooth. It has a nice big screen. It also has a camera, a front-facing camera and a rear-facing camera. It’s interesting because you can take a picture of a QR code in somebody’s phone for payment. But what’s really awesome about this terminal is that this is an entire point of sale tablet.

The software can be downloaded into the terminal.  You can tap on the inventory product somebody is purchasing. The receipt will print out the inventory products and it will give you reporting just like a larger station Tablet POS . Everything can be put into this little device. You can walk around the store with it. You can also take it with you in your car if you provide some sort of delivery services or home service contracting and the entire point-of-sale system is inside it. You can also use the camera front or back for when your inventory comes in and you need to scan the items and pull the inventory into your system. The A920 Pro is a very sophisticated, sleek, sexy looking device.

The cost of is in the $500 range versus a regular desktop terminal is $350 – $400. It’s a little more expensive but has so much more value because of all the features.

The old VX terminals and FD terminals are workhorses but they’re very huge clunky things on the desk. This is very modern and shows that you are up to the latest technology in your business. Give us a call at 505-362-0833 and we’ll be glad to answer any questions.

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