Payment Processing Moves From Terminals Into Tablets!

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Payment Processing Moves From Terminals Into Tablets

Payment Processing Moves From Terminals Into Tablets!

As technology changes the world around us, so it changes how we process credit card transactions. When we first got in this business 20 years ago, the big news was pin debit. Then e-commerce gateways were introduced followed by mobile payment processing. Terminals were always in big demand until recently, when card processing got moved inside an app which can automate an entire business from a tablet. Now each specialty business has the opportunity to get industry specific software, from which merchants can run their entire business on a tablet and manage remotely from a mobile phone. All the business data is stored in the cloud. Payment processing is built into the software giving business owners a one stop, shopping and customer service opportunity, further simplifying their business processes and giving them more time off to enjoy a better life.

These software apps are downloadable into tablets and also phones, either IOS or Android devices. The business owner can access his transactional data and bottom line income and expense reports stored in the cloud and track that information from anywhere on the planet. He or she can take orders and collect payments online even while asleep at night, and seamlessly integrate all their online business inventory with their brick and mortar inventory.

A business owner can shop for their new tablet software online or they can be introduced to options from the credit card processing salesperson. Just as technology is changing for the merchant, it is also changing the way the credit card processing salesperson makes his living. He now has the opportunity to serve in a valuable new way, offering automated business solutions along with payment processing.

Most tablet software companies have a demo that is downloadable. Merchants can play with the software for a period of time, usually 2 to 4 weeks, before having to make a decision. Merchants can enter some contacts and some  inventory items, schedule a booking, take an order, schedule a service delivery, plus see how to collect a payment. In other words, they can test drive the software before buying.

Electronic Money Company has sold hard wired POS restaurant systems and the Clover systems for some time. We are soon introducing tablet software for salons, gyms, pool cleaning, carpet cleaning, tattoo parlors, dog grooming, furniture staging for home sales, landscaping, and other similar businesses. The software gives merchants a website with SEO, CRM, online booking, scheduling, automated customer communication, payment processing, inventory tracking, delivery routing, marketing and so much more. And the merchant can get all this for an amazing, economical price.

Discover how you can put your business on auto pilot. Generate more customers, make more profits and live a life of freedom not chained down to your business.