Solving Billing Problems with Payment Processing – Credit Card and ACH

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Billing Problem 1: How can merchants properly store credit card information for future client transactions?

We recently received a testimonial from a doctor’s office who just switched over to our payment processing platform. Their words perfectly describe the answer to Billing Problem 1.

“We used to save our clients credit card information in our computer, and then as they come in for appointments, we would pull the card info and run the transaction. We are now able to save our customer’s credit card information in our new online portal, which is safe and secure in the cloud. We run credit cards now directly from our virtual terminal inside our portal. Not only has this saved us 40+ hours of extra administration time, but your credit card processing system solved a PCI compliance problem we didn’t even know we had. We certainly do not want to put our customer’s credit card information at risk. Thank you!”  ~ Dr. Robban Sica, Center for Healing Arts

This doctor’s office was pulling up credit card numbers off their computer and then manually entering them into a terminal to run their transactions. Now they merely pull up their customer on their online virtual terminal, enter the new amount, and hit submit. This feature is called “Care On File, “and they are following security procedures for preventing fraud.

Billing Problem 2:  How can our clerks run credit card transactions so that they deposit automatically into QuickBooks?

Answer: QuickBooks has an open API integration so that all processors can offer credit card processing payments that automatically post to QuickBooks accounting software. We encourage our clients to use an interface to QuickBooks called, Instant Accept. It is a simple invoicing software that allows merchants to grant staff the ability to create an invoice for a client on the fly without giving them full access to QuickBooks. There is no need to be stuck with QuickBooks high-rate credit card processing. You can use your preferred processing provider. And the accounting department does not have to manually enter transactions after the fact because Instant Accept does it for them automatically.

Contact us at 505-296-2847 if you want to integrate to QuickBooks, or set up a safe and quick way to save your customer’s credit card information to use over and over in the future.