Stop Losing Money on Laboriously Training New Employees!

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Training New Waitstaff

Time is money. And time is a valuable resource, as the adage goes, therefore it is better to do things as quickly as possible. When it comes to running your restaurant establishment, training new employees with a manual paper system or cash register system, wastes a lot of time and frustrates customers.

I recently went to a restaurant where a supervisor was following a newly hired server around. She was correcting every order, and explaining how to write it down correctly. What a waste of time!

Cash registers with tons of buttons all over the screen for choosing combinations of meals is agonizing for an employee to learn. Mistakes take forever to redo, and new employees make plenty of them on these types of systems, believe me!

The right POS system with items and categories that visually shows the order as it is being placed dramatically reduces mistakes and decreases the time it takes for new hires to learn how to enter an order.

Lynn Owens at Bartley’s BBQ, says, “My new POS system has been a godsend in reducing my training time from my previous cash register system. What used to take 20, four-hour shifts to properly train an employee on order entry, now only takes two hours! This has saved me both the time making mistakes as well as supervisory time to correct them.”

Here’s an example of how much plugging this leak can put back in your pocket:

80 hours of training time reduced to 2 hours = 78 hours @ 7.25/hr = $565.50 per new employee. Bartley’s BBQ averages hiring a new employee every 92 days, or about 4 per year x $565.50 = $2,262 per year.

Is employee turnover costing you money?

According to The National Restaurant Association, on average, restaurants are losing somewhere around $150,000 a year due to employee turnover alone! Therefore, proper training improves efficiency, which means you can have a leaner workforce without sacrificing customer service.

How many new employees do you hire every year? How long does it take to train a new hire? This is one of those ‘hidden’ leaks that can drain serious profits from your business without your even noticing it!

With many years of experience in merchant services integrated with quick-service and family restaurants, Electronic Money Company has done a lot of research on the various ways these small leaks can add up to huge profit loss! So protect your profits today with the best merchant services provider in Albuquerque!

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