Thinking of Getting a Tablet POS? Choose a Company with the Support You Deserve!

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Thinking of Getting a Tablet POS? Choose a Company with the Support You Deserve!

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Generate more customers, make more profits and live a life of freedom not tied down to your business with a POS tablet system from a company that supports you from A to Z.

Hi, Gingergaye here with Electronic Money Company.

Today I want to talk to you about how a point-of-sale system can automate your business. And I want to talk to you about the value of converting your business from a cash register, a credit card terminal, and a printer to a point-of-sale system, because it actually automates your whole business.

Recently we set up a liquor store. Their old point of sale system was not tracking sales by clerk. So, if someone was doing some funny stuff, they couldn’t track it. Also, they didn’t even track their inventory before, which was a crazy idea to me. I won’t even share how embarrassing it is how much money was walking out the door, with bottles tucked into jackets and coats, after we started tracking their inventory.

So you can buy a point-of-sale system from a bank. They will be happy to sell you a Clover system and give you an 800 number to try to get your menu in there and get it all figured out how it works. But I suggest that when you’re getting a point-of-sale system, you want to purchase that system from somebody you know, like and trust. You want to purchase from somebody who’s going to give you support, somebody who knows who you are when you call for help. Putting that menu in is more complicated than you think, and you are going to want to talk to a live human being who cares about the business relationship.

We usually go through several revisions before we get the menu straight. As we help people put that menu in, we need to have pictures and sku numbers to match the items.  You are going to want the items categorized and organized so that it is easy to ring up your customers and then track your sales. We want to design your ordering screen on the point of sale to be easy and fast for staff to use.

It’s nice to purchase your hardware and your software from the same company who’s going to give you support on down the line for the life of your business. Consider getting a system that automates inventory and automatically tracks your time and attendance. The right POS should also have marketing built in.

For the price of a cash register, a tablet and a credit card terminal, it doesn’t cost much more to get a system that automates your business from A to Z. So, generate more sales and make more profits and get yourself more free time with a POS tablet system.

Give us a call at 505-362-0837, and mention you read this article or saw the video below, and we’ll give you a free scanner for tracking your inventory.

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