Want Your Money Fast? Deposit Funding Now in 4 Hours!

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People ask all the time, when do I get my credit card deposits in my bank account? In 1950, when the Diner’s club card was established as an alternative to cash, and in particular used when taking business clients out to dinner at restaurants, the turnaround time for deposited funds to the merchant was 60 days! When we first started selling merchant services in the year 2000, it was three days. A few years ago, next-day funding became popular. In fact, most merchants demanded it.

Now we can actually deposit in 4 hours! There is a small fee for the speed, but imagine the value of the cash flow! And we can do it every day, any time of day, holidays and weekends, 24/7/365! The reason there is a small fee is that the processor is actually fronting the money and charging interest.

Restaurants in particular have large cash flow outlays every day for payroll, and inventory. And many times they are open past the time frame established for next-day deposit funding, which is usually 7 PM EST, so they find this extremely valuable. Now they can close at 2 AM and instead of waiting a day and a half for their money, waiting until a next-day 7 PM close which then deposits the following morning, they can get their money in their bank account in 4 hours! It will be there a day early, available in their bank account before they even wake up for the next day!

Only specific processors are able to offer this service. Call us, Electronic Money Company, at 505-296-2847 to inquire. Next-day funding is now old school! Get a 4-hour deposit even on weekends and holidays!