Why switch from a credit card terminal to a tablet POS?

Ginger HollowellPoint of Sale Computer/Tablet SystemsLeave a Comment

What a tablet system can do for you that a terminal can’t.

The tablet will allow you to track your inventory, integrate with QuickBooks, and reconcile your credit cards automatically with your sales totals. In addition, the tablet will allow you to clock in employees and export hours to your payroll service company. And the tablet has a plethora of reports to manage your business. Plus, you can access those reports from anywhere in the world.

The return on investment is priceless.

For restaurants, automated reconciliation saves bookkeeping time. Integration to accounting software like QuickBooks saves time from manual data entry. Fewer orders need to be recooked because of hard to read scribbles from waiters on pieces of paper. It is harder for waiters to pilfer off money for themselves with a computer system. Missing inventory is noticed, so it is harder for employees to take food home.

For retail merchants the return on investment is similarly priceless. Time is saved doing reconciliation.  Inventory is tracked so none of it “slips” out the door. Management reports are accessible from anywhere in the world.

Tablet software for service companies or contractors have built in scheduling modules. Some can even do quotes in the field, attach the quote to the customer’s data records, assign crews to jobs, and even GPS route the crews. Even further enhancements to scheduling include online booking.

Tablet systems can be purchased for not much more than a terminal, but the power of it is exponential. You might spend somewhere between $500 and $1000 but a separate cash register, cash drawer and credit card terminal add up to at least $600.

Data is stored in the cloud where it is safe and secure.

The only drawback is that you must learn the software and you obviously need to take the time to upload all your inventory. This may be somewhat painful, but the biggest enemy to growth is our own comfort zone. Once you get past the switchover, you will be saving money and time. Take your life back and don’t be tied down to your business with manual systems. Give yourself the opportunity to scale up.  Your business will grow in value and be more attractive to a buyer in your future.

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