Are You Confused About Credit Card Processing?

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Are You Confused About Credit Card Processing?

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Listen to how to NOT get scammed by the next credit card processing salesperson.

Are you confused about credit card processing fees? Most merchants have been scammed at least once.

The problem is that when you get a quote it’s actually missing information. The quote tells you about a low rate, but the salesperson neglects to tell you that it only applies to debit cards. And then when you get a rewards card or some other type of card, the rate is much higher.

Or the quote tells you about a low monthly fee, but the salesperson forgot to tell you about five other fees that occur monthly. Or you’re told there’s no termination fee and that’s supposed to give you peace of mind if you ever want to leave their lousy service you don’t have a penalty. However in the fine print is a second killer termination fee with a different name called liquidated damages.

Hi I’m Ginger Gay Hollowell, President of Electronic Money Company. We’ve been here in Albuquerque New Mexico for 20 years.

I have some good news for you, i put together a brief report to help merchants avoid getting scammed. It is called “Five Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Credit Card Processor”. You won’t have a sales person breathing down your neck or pressuring you to sign the bottom line. You’ll actually learn how to beat the credit card salesperson at his game.

Download it now while it’s fresh on your mind so you do not get scammed. Enjoy!

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