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Save a Ton of Time and Money with a Tablet POS!

featured image Save a Ton of Time and Money with a Tablet POS!

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Many merchants are still operating with a cash register and a credit card terminal. Today, I want to talk to you about the exponential return for a very little investment in a point-of-sale tablet solution.

Many merchants are operating with a cash register and a credit card terminal.  A step up to a POS is small monetarily but huge in efficiency and tracking your business.  It has an exponential return on your investment!

  1. The POS monitors employees who are ringing up orders on the POS and prevents theft.
  2. The POS manages inventory and tracks whether inventory is walking out the door.
  3. The POS connects to QuickBooks for easy tracking of sales and expenses.
  4. The POS tells you when you need to reorder product and from what supplier.
  5. The POS automates marketing for you.
  6. The POS has a no cost gift and loyalty card program built in.
  7. The POS allows clients to schedule appointments themselves online.
  8. The POS connects your online ordering to your brick and mortar inventory.
  9. The POS connects automatically to your credit card terminal and reconciles them as well.
  10. The POS tracks employees’ hours and pay so you can email it to your payroll company.

How much time do you spend doing any of these 10 tasks manually?  What is your time worth?  How much are you spending on employees’ salary to do these tasks?

People get overwhelmed thinking about entering their inventory and data into the POS, but we have ways to simplify it and upload it for you. We can teach you the tricks and get you up and going quickly and easily!

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