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What is a Hosted Payment Page?

A hosted payment page is a secure and simple E-commerce checkout webpage that can collect credit card payments or E-check payments.

Some small businesses only have a small number of products or services that they would like to promote and sell on a webpage. These businesses don’t need a full- blown shopping cart. They can instead use a hosted payment page provided by their merchant services company.

A hosted payment page gives merchants the code for a “Pay Now” button that can be inserted onto their website. That “Pay Now” button can direct viewers to a drop-down menu, where various choices can be listed with their corresponding prices. The hosted payment page can also show a blank field where the shopper can enter a pre-determined payment. An example would be where someone is going online to pay a bill.

The look of the webpage housing the hosted payment page can be customized with the business logo and colors. The fields can also be customized and set up with drag and drop technology. Line item details can be added to help customers choose what item they want to purchase. They make shopping easy for customers
to use on their computers, phones, or tablets.

These pages are fast and easy to set up with a responsive form and do not require hiring a web designer. No programming knowledge is necessary. They can be set up quickly by a business owner who has no experience with webpage design. Merchants can even choose to receive payment notifications via email.

A good example of a merchant who could benefit from a hosted payment page would be a membership site for an association. Members may want to go online and pay for their subscriptions or pay for an event. The association may even sell a few t-shirts. A hosted payment page could easily handle these payment services. They are simpler to set up than a shopping cart and cost less to set up as well.

Another excellent option for small business merchants is sending an invoice with a “Pay Now” button. When clicked, it takes the viewer to the company’s hosted payment page.

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