Advice on Growing Your Business While You Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus!

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Paper money carries germs. How many people have touched that $1 bill that you just received as change? Using your credit or debit card limits touches to non-sterile paper money and limits exposures to viruses, especially the Coronavirus, which lives on inanimate objects for up to five days.

Here are some small ways that merchants and consumers can use best practices to help prevent the spread of all viruses, and in particular, the Coronavirus. And then here are some ways to expand your income as our habits change, and also SAVE 75%!


Pull out your own debit or credit card from your wallet and dip or swipe the card yourself versus handing it to a clerk to do it. Then let the clerk turn the terminal back around and let the clerk hit the enter button. In other words, keep your fingers off the terminal.


  • Let the clerk be the only one to touch the POS system or terminal. Consumers can dip or swipe, but don’t have to necessarily touch the buttons.
  • Clean the credit card terminal or POS screen in between shift changes. Sharing the terminal or POS device between clerks can spread viruses.
  • Turn the “on-screen signature” feature off on your POS system during this crisis situation so customers don’t have to sign with their finger, and they can return to dipping their card.
  • Keep up a good supply of hand sanitizer near the checkout counter, and also behind the counter for your staff.
  • Make items and services available to purchase online.
  • Offer a curbside service where one person runs out to hand items to your customer in their car who has driven over to pick up their goods from a phone order.
  • Offer a delivery service to drop online or phone orders off at people’s homes.

In fact, while things are slowed down, if you don’t have an online store, now is the perfect time to get it set up. You will be growing your business ongoing as well. Nothing beats making money online while you sleep!

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