Are you imposing self limitations on yourself? Discover the answer in the story of how to train an elephant!

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When an elephant is young, trainers tie one leg with a chain and bolt it into cement into the ground. The baby elephant pulls and pulls and pulls to try to get free. At some point, the baby elephant gives up and accepts the fact that he cannot break the chain. At this point he is fully trained. As a grown elephant, anyone can tie a chain to that elephant’s leg and merely put a stake into the earth. When the elephant pulls and feels the tug, it will stop pulling because it believes it cannot break the chain. The elephant is chained in his mind even though he certainly has the strength to pull himself free from a stake in the ground.

Now the question you might ask yourself is, “Have you imposed self limiting beliefs on yourself?” Have adults in your childhood set limitations for you that you have accepted? Has society convinced you that you are a victim? OR Do you believe you can break physical training records? How much money do you think you can earn? Can you become President? An astronaut and go to the moon? Become a billionaire? Travel the world? Write a best selling book? What is it that you want? Do you believe and know that you can have it if you can shed the self limiting thoughts in your mind? Think about it.