Baby Lamb is Born!

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My daughter, Megan, and her husband, Pete, have 1 and a half acres in Corrales. You may remember a story about their beekeeping. Well this past year they have been raising sheep. There was one male, named Concho, and four females, named Happy, Winona, Darcie and Sarah. They are raising these sheep for the meat to eat. I didn’t think it was appropriate to name them, but who listens to me? The interesting thing about Happy is that she always wants to be petted and comes up to them baaing. She is so sweet. She may be the one who lives the longest. When you sow happiness, people like hanging around with you, right?

After Concho did his reproductive thing, he started getting very aggressive. He rammed Megan at the knees and knocked her over. The next weekend, Pete took him out back away from the others on the other side of the house. Pete shot him and took him to the butcher.

Three of the girls are now pregnant. Winona is so huge; we think she is having twins. One night their dog, Duke, was having a fit running around the house barking. They let him out and he was running up and down along the fence howling.  In the morning, they found that Sarah had delivered their first baby lamb. They named the lamb Stevie, for Stevie Nicks. They kind of figured that maybe Duke sensed some coyotes trying to get in the fence to get to the baby lamb.

Duke is definitely the protector of the sheep and the property. He goes right up to the sheep and licks them. They even approach him and stick their faces near his so he can lick them. He is the only one who is allowed to get close to the baby.  I got to go over and see the baby last weekend.  Mom wouldn’t let me get closer than 10 feet, but the others all came close so I could pet them.

We are waiting for Winona next to give birth. I love all baby things! I am hoping I get to see the new one give birth or at least see this little one the morning after birth. I am not willing to drive to Corrales in the middle of the night. I would do that for a grandchild but not grand sheep.