Blessings of Health to You All During this Virus Situation!

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Electronic Money Company will remain open. Our technology allows us to work remotely while giving you the service you have come to expect! Rest assured we are fully staffed and available for support! Walt and I work mostly from our home office anyway, so we at Electronic Money Company are business as usual. We areotherwise practicing social distancing. As you can see in the picture, we havereplaced working out at the gym with a home workout routine.

Here are some healthy practice ideas related to accepting payments for those who are still open, and for those who will be back at it hopefully in the near future. These are tips to prevent the spread of all viruses.  I imagine that we will all adopt these new and improved practices regularly after living through this experience.

Now is the time to be germ conscious.

  • Let only one clerk handle one payment station. Let the clerk be the only one to touch the POS system or terminal. Consumers can dip or swipe, but don’t have to necessarily touch the buttons.
  • Clean the credit card terminal or POS screen in between shift changes. Sharing the terminal or POS device between clerks can spread viruses.
  • Turn the “on-screen signature” feature off on your POS system during this crisis situation so customers don’t have to sign with their finger, and they can return to merely dipping their card.
  • Keep up a good supply of hand sanitizer near the checkout counter, and also behind the counter for your staff.

Now is the time to explore new avenues for revenue.

  • Make items and services available to purchase online. Open an online store. We can help you.
  • Offer a curbside service where one person runs out to hand items to your customer in their car who has driven over to pick up their goods from a phone order.
  • Offer a delivery service to drop online or phone orders off at people’s homes. We can help with this as well.

Now is also the time to re-examine your budget. 

Shop for a POS system that will manage your business more efficiently and save you money and time. We have options for restaurant, retail, and service professionals, and we are glad to announce our BOSS system, which will add online booking, scheduling and purchasing to an in-store POS. It is an enterprise system with a website builder to create landing pages for Facebook ads, and combines a marketing drip campaign with your CRM.  Save money from using multiple disjointed systems, reduce your stress, and even take orders while you are asleep. Call 505-296-2847 and ask for the BOSS! Refer a POS system client who gets set up with us and we will give you a referral fee of $200!  You can even refer yourself and collect the referral fee!


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