Integrating QuickBooks with your Merchant Services!

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In order to process credit card payments through QuickBooks, do not think that you have to sign up for QuickBooks processing.  QuickBooks has an open API for developers.  That means that developers can create a seamless integration with QuickBooks so that merchants can choose whatever payment processor they want.  You might want to choose a processor that has lower rates and better service and support. The software allows a merchant to take credit card payments which are automatically recorded in QuickBooks into the income category they choose.

Chargezoon is a software that does integration with Quickbooks. Just like in Quickbooks you can email an invoice with a button to click and pay.  The money goes to your bank account through the payment processor of your choice and Quickbooks is updated automatically. Texting an invoice with a click-and-pay button is just around the corner.

Chargezoom can also allow you to set up recurring billing and also automate the entry in QuickBooks. It will also send out notifications to you when you have been paid.  Chargezoom can also run Level 3 processing to reduce rates on corporate, business, and purchasing cards.   I am Gingergaye, president of Electronic Money Company. Go to to learn more about advanced technology to save .75% on credit card processing for business, corporate and purchasing cards.

The cost of Chargezoon is way less than the time spent manually editing transactions in QuickBooks. QuickBooks is not in the business of merchant services.  It is an add-on product where they make money.  Customer support from a company like Electronic Money Company is exponentially stronger and can offer a huge benefit to a merchant who wants the automation of integrating payments with QuickBooks.

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