Package delivery later than the pizza guy

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Missing the FedEx or UPS truck can prove quite aggravating, especially when you have to retrieve the package or figure out a time range to hang at your house in anticipation of the driver’s return. A group of Harvard Business School students not only saw the problem, but came up with an innovative solution. Their notify start-up,, not only … Read More

Your favorite store climbs the geofence

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Geofencing is pretty much what it sounds like: a virtual perimeter for a real- world geographic area. So let’s say you set a boundary via mobile communications that encompasses a six-square-block area. That would be your geofence, and anyone who enters that area whose contact information you have can receive a text message or email via smartphone or tablet. And … Read More

If your hungry, just touch this

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Waiters and waitresses do get busy, and there’s nothing more frustrating during a lunch or dinner rush than to have them ignore your table. “But imagine sitting right down and placing your order from a touchscreen tabletop menu, “says Molloy, the retail space expert. He went through this very experience at airport eateries in Toronto and Charlotte, which makes sense, … Read More

Bob From Brand x – Transaction Limit

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One of our new clients told us this story about his experience with Bob from Brand X. He is a landscaper and needs to run one or two transactions per month, albeit they are large transactions. He was sold a wireless machine for a whopping $69 per month on a four-year lease. Then he had statement fees and minimum charges … Read More

Busting out of barcode prison

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Everyone who’s been in a long checkout line has experienced the frustration of watching a cashier fumble with a product trying to either a) find the barcode and/or b) scan it correctly. But in January, a company called Digimarc introduced a new technology that incorporates an invisible digital watermark, not unlike the kind used for currency. “The clerk no longer … Read More

If the shoe fits, upload it

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In terms of a custom-made experience, nothing can top what’s going on at The Left Shoe Company in Los Angeles. So says Bruce Molloy, the vice president of global business development at Customer Mobile, and an expert on the evolving retail space. Here’s what the Left Shoe does: They put customers’ feet through a 3D scan that takes 150 pictures. … Read More

Bob From Brand X – Horrible Swindle

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One of our favorite salespeople called on a husband/wife merchant for credit card processing. They gave him a monthly statement to review, but were acting quite nervous. Our salesperson brought them back a comparison, explained all the fees, and showed them where we could save them money. They understood and acknowledged they wanted to save money, but they were absolutely … Read More

The Future of Shopping

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The report “Retail Technology Vision 2014” from Accenture contains an incredible prediction: “The next five years will bring more change to retail than the last 100 years.”Think about that; the stores, websites, and apps we recognize today could go through some radical changes that would’ve been the stuff of sci-fi just a generation ago To find out what the changing … Read More