Have you heard about Amazon Go?

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Amazon bought out Whole Foods, so they are now in the grocery store business. They are beta testing a new concept called, “No Lines – No Checkout”. They have created technology where you, as the consumer, can sign up for the mobile app and enter your payment card information. When you enter an Amazon Go grocery store, you simply scan your QR code associated with … Read More

A New Frontier for Merchants to Market and Capture Payments

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Payment Processing will be moving to the dashboard of your car. People spend on average 30 minutes driving or riding to and from work. Commerce is already conducted from people’s phones within their car while they are commuting to work. There is a huge market waiting to emerge, allowing payment processing from the car dashboard. Not only will we be using GPS from the screen … Read More

A chargeback scam every business owner should know about!

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The shift to EMV chip cards, designed to stop credit card fraud, happened in late 2015. To this day, consumers are still taking advantage of merchants who have not adopted this new technology, and winning chargebacks from unsuspecting merchants. “EMV chip technology has been rolling out to consumers and merchants in the United States. Visa chip cards protect in-store payments by generating a unique, one-time … Read More

Whatever it Takes

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“I am committed to doing whatever it takes. The die has been cast. I have stepped over the line. I am out of my comfort zone. The decision has been made. I won’t look back, let up, slow down or back away… I cannot be bought, compromised, detoured, lured away, turned back, diluted or delayed. I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice, hesitate … Read More

A Difference of Attitude!

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A few years ago, I had the opportunity of attending a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Silver City, NM. It is a beautiful town of about 10,000 people nestled in the hills in southern New Mexico. Yes it was at one time a silver mining town and today the biggest employer is a copper mine, the third largest in the world! People were still venturing … Read More

Are you imposing self limitations on yourself? Discover the answer in the story of how to train an elephant!

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When an elephant is young, trainers tie one leg with a chain and bolt it into cement into the ground. The baby elephant pulls and pulls and pulls to try to get free. At some point, the baby elephant gives up and accepts the fact that he cannot break the chain. At this point he is fully trained. As a grown elephant, anyone can tie … Read More

Banks and Affiliate Partnerships for Merchant Services

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On the one hand a merchant services program is supposed to spin off a revenue stream to the bank. On the other hand the bank gets complaints from its customers regarding various merchant services issues ranging from: It makes the bank wonder if it shouldn’t just let their customers find their own merchant services solution? If your bank client goes elsewhere for their merchant services … Read More

Duck Metaphor

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Have you ever marveled at sight of a duck gliding across the glass, smooth surface of a pond? There is just a shallow “V” in the duck’s wake as he calmly moves his head from side to side. Well, that’s on the surface but what is happening underneath is quite a different story with the duck’s webbed feet paddling like crazy! When you partner with … Read More

Scam to Save you $500! Say What?

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A current merchant called us and asked us to review a proposal from a competitor. The competitor had a copy of the merchant statement and wrote on it, “Savings of $500!” and circled it in red. He had no data to back up the savings. The merchant wasn’t even paying anywhere near $500 in fees over the wholesale interchange. Bob the scammer got found out.

Stick Merchants to Your Bank with Communication

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We have spent a lot of time developing proprietary systems of superb communication with our merchants as well as our bank referral partners. Merchants get several emails during the process of application. We, also, are happy to meet regularly and provide onsite training with your staff at the Bank who are involved in referring merchant services in order to ensure a successful program.