Put Your Business on Autopilot with a POS Tablet!

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Free Up Your Time so You can Live Your Dream! Isn’t that why you started a business in the first place? Put your business on autopilot using POS tablet technology versus a credit card terminal, a cash drawer and a cash register. Here is why.

The old system consists of using a cash register for ringing up tickets and a credit card terminal sitting next to it for taking payments.  The new technology puts them both together using a POS tablet with integrated payment processing. The new technology consists of an iPad with a payment swiper or credit card terminal that talks to the software in the tablet.  You can add a receipt printer, a kitchen printer of display for a restaurant, a cash drawer that opens during the payment process, and/or a barcode scanner to quickly ring up items for purchase.  The lines move very quickly.  And luckily for you, we are not talking huge amounts of money to take your business from time-consuming manual processes to putting your business on autopilot. In fact, we can give you the system for FREE when you use Zero Cost Processing explained more below.

Here are the benefits:

Payment processing is integrated and saves time reconciling to a cash register at the end of a shift.

The POS station can be expanded to multiple lanes and multiple locations.  All of which can be managed remotely while you enjoy the beaches of the world.

The processes can be run by staff with little training and no mistakes.

Inventory can be tracked so that the system monitors itself to watch for items that could walk out the door by themselves.

Reports track when items need to be re-ordered and from what supply company.

The system tracks time and attendance which can be exported to your payroll service company.

Staff scheduling is included and easy.

Gift and loyalty programs are built-in with no extra costs.

Marketing is tracked by new customers, active, inactive and high-value customers.  Push out marketing simply to these groups with offers to draw them back in more often.

The systems have the option of setting up Zero Cost Processing Fees.  Check our other blogs for more information on eliminating all of your merchant services fees. Cash Discounting Allows for Zero Cost Credit Card Processing! – Electronic Money Company  In fact, the cost of the system is far less than what you could save on your merchant services fees, ie it is FREE!

Call us today at 505-296-2847 and get free installation, a value of $250 to $500!  Just say FREE  INSTALLATION!

Free up your time and grow your bottom line!  We hold your hand during the implementation for a quick and easy transition!  Put your business on autopilot today!

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