Salon Owners Who Want to Put Their Business on Autopilot!

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Salon Owners Who Want to Put Their Business on Autopilot

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Do you want to generate more customers, make more profits and live of life of freedom, not tied down to your business? Are you a salon owners who wants to put you business on autopilot?

In this article, learn how you can set up scheduling of appointments and payments for your salon. Generate more customers, make more profits, and live a life of freedom not tied down to your business!

Hi, I’m Ginger Gay, President of Electronic Money Company, Merchant Services. I’m going to explain to you how you can get a point of sale system to do all the jobs automatically that you don’t want to do so you can focus more time on your clients doing what you love to do.

I also want to share with you about the advantages of online ordering with Electronic Money Company’s Point of Sale System inside your salon. Imagine how convenient it would be for customers to book their appointments online with their favorite stylist and book their services. The system would automatically figure out how much time do I need to book for this person, for a haircut and a new color and get my nails done. All while you’re there at one appointment.

It saves time for your staff, answering the phone and booking all those appointments and scheduling themselves. You can get down to spending more time with your customers and automate the systems behind the scene for scheduling and booking appointments. Also, the online ordering allows customers to pay when they order.

Imagine how you can get paid up front. The money’s already in your bank account before they walk in the door again and your staff does not have to take the time to collect the payment. So all these automated systems will help you spend more time on your customers and automate the stuff that you don’t wanna do anyway, behind the scenes with payments and bookkeeping and scheduling.

I’m gonna give you a free offer of a free printer. So give us a call at 505-296-2847, ask us questions. We’re happy to help you, whether you purchase something from us or not.

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