True Story of Genuine Service in Merchant Services, unlike the frustration of 1-800-IGNORE-ME!

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True Story of Genuine Service in Merchant Services

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In this article, I want to tell you a True Story of Genuine Service in Merchant Services and what happened to one of our customers.  This story tells you why genuine customer service from your credit card processor can be so valuable instead of having to deal with long wait times and poorly trained zombies at 1-800-IGNORE-ME. Hi, I am Gingergaye Hollowell, president of Electronic Money Company.  Let’s get to the story

A sweet couple owns a car repair shop and they are one of our customers.  They got broken into and lots of tools were stolen along with their computers.  Their internet was down as well.  Luckily their credit card machine was left alone.

They called their rep at our company on a Saturday afternoon.  He was out of town racing his vintage race car.  But he listened to his messages and called the client right back.  They wanted to know if they could plug their credit card terminal into their internet at their home and use it there while their shop and their internet were under reconstruction.

He answered yes, good idea!.  You see, the credit card terminal still had its programming in it.  It would still print out receipts with their shop address and still deposit payments into their bank account. They were so thrilled that he saved the day for them so they could take a large credit card payment from their customer.  They were so grateful and thankful that he responded so quickly to their call for help on a weekend!

Let me ask you, do you have the ability to get a hold of your credit card processing salesperson on a Saturday while he is out of town?  Can you get the help you need when you need it? You may not realize the value of customer service until you need it and you don’t receive it with your current merchant services.  Merchants who switch their payment processing to Electronic Money Company away from a processor stay with us for the life of their business.  Contact us to start a conversation about getting the service you so deserve at

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