5 Secrets of Success Tips Learned from a Personal Development Training Program

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I just returned from a personal development training in Chicago. Here is what we spent our time learning and practicing.

  1. Recognition: Receiving and giving recognition.  The giver and receiver get great benefits.  Recognition makes us feel good.  It builds self-image and creates confidence. The universe always returns the same vibration you are emanating. When you are feeling good, it will return more things to your life that make you feel good.  This raises the vibration of the planet.
  2. Building Relationships: We built new relationships and renewed other relationships with other like-minded happy people. By supporting each other, we help ourselves release our God-given abilities.  This helps us achieve our dreams and desires.
  3. Having Fun: Getting excited about life and having fun helps you feel good. Letting your hair down and feeling free to move your body, dance, and express your inner self, frees the mind from whatever is holding you back. Free your feet and free your mind.  A flexible body creates a flexible mind.
  4. Bathing in a High Vibration: Recognition, building relationships, and having fun allow us to bathe in a high vibrational field of energy.  We look for and see the greatness in others. We feel good!  Whenever I go on vacation, new business always shows up because I am attracting positive energy.  The law of attraction is the most powerful force in the universe.
  5. Journaling our Wins: We allow ourselves to observe and write down not only our goals but our cognitions and accomplishments. This exercise cements the wins into our being. We build self-image and confidence.

All of these processes are simple and powerful. They release the feelings that hold us back and move us forward to success. They create freedom. We are butterflies escaping from our cocoons, into which we have previously wrapped ourselves.

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