Chapter 2 – Address Verification for Fraud Prevention

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Asking for address and zip code when accepting a credit card payment over the phone or over an e-commerce site is another great tool in place to prevent chargebacks and the losses that occur should a stolen credit card be used for a purchase. Especially when shipping products, matching the shipping address to the address on the credit card holder’s account is a strong fraud prevention tool. Sometimes the card holder has a valid reason why their address does not match, such as having recently moved. But beware, in particular, of cases where the card holder asks you to ship to a different address because of a strange reason . Don’t let greed get in the way when something smells. If a sale is too good to be true, it is probably fraud.

We may not think too much about the security codes on our own credit/debit cards. By requiring a customer to provide you with their CVV code, you could be preventing your business, from becoming a victim of fraud. When you pair this security measure with Address Verification (AVS), you can greatly minimize losses from credit card fraud.

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