Scam – Only Cost plus .20% Fake Out

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New game plan from Bob hits the scene – quote the customer cost plus a low percentage like .20%, but don’t tell the customer that debit cards, airline rewards cards, and corporate cards will be billed back at a higher rate than cost plus .20%, which most of the cards end up being! Hardly anyone ever receives just a plain old credit card anymore. Now the unsuspecting merchant thinks they are getting a killer deal, too good to be true. They don’t stop to think that, at cost plus .20%, the processor is not making enough money to even begin to service the account. When they get their first statement, sometimes the new customer doesn’t even bother to compare the new statement to their old processor’s statement. Then two or three months go by and the customer decides to look at the statement to discover that they are paying even more than they were before. But lo and behold, calls to the processor go unanswered. And lo and behold again, there is the discovery of a huge termination fee. What is a customer to do? Discernment is the only answer.