How Can Mobile Payment Processing Help Grow My Business?

Ginger HollowellPoint of Sale Computer/Tablet SystemsLeave a Comment

Mobile processing isn’t just for businesses that are only mobile; it is also for brick and mortar businesses.

If you are a retail shop, then can you understand how it might be advantageous to take the cash register to the customer? This could capture more impulse sales.

Also, a mobile payment station can speed up check out times. This will alleviate lines and save your customer’s precious time. Money is synonymous with time. People have busy lives working all day and coming home to children and household chores. Weekends are crammed with kid’s activities, more household chores, and trying to fit in fun activities for you. One of those fun activities might be shopping. Then again, shopping might be a chore that needs to get finished quickly. Either way, servicing the customer, and making shopping more efficient will yield you sales growth.

Mobile processing is definitely also for offsite events. Perhaps your brick and mortar store occasionally participates in a trade show or a special event in the community. Having mobile processing already set up makes it easy to take a mobile POS station to that event.

Mobile processing also enhances a professional service business. Whether it be plumbing or cleaning or home repair, swiping a customer’s credit card is more secure for your customer than having the service professional handwrite it down on an invoice receipt, or calling it into the corporate office secretary.

Choices for mobile processing include:

  1. Using a mobile swiper with your phone via a mobile gateway OR
  2. Having a mobile POS iPad device that talks to your main POS software station. These devices are available with Clover retail systems, and other similar retail or restaurant systems who incorporate pay at the table.

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