Is Your Online Ordering Connected to Your In-Store Inventory?

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Do you want to generate more customers, make more profits and live a life of freedom not tied down to your business? Then listen to the video below.

Hi I’m Gingergaye, President of Electronic Money Company Merchant Services. I’m going to explain to you how you can get a point of sale system to do all the jobs automatically that you don’t want to do, so you can focus more time on your clients doing what you love to do.  Inventory control, reporting, built-in marketing, integration to QuickBooks, Time and Attendance, Gift and Loyalty tracking, and customer database management are just the basics that can be handled by the right POS system.  Here are just 3 benefits.

When Covid happened, we all started moving to some online ordering. All these online ordering apps popped up from out of nowhere. But does your online ordering connect directly to the inventory in your brick and mortar location? Is it one system or do you have to mess around with trying to figure out how to connect two systems?

Are you able to charge convenience fees for ordering online and pad your profits a little bit?

Do you have a way to set up your own delivery service?  I am sure you can do it cheaper and with better service than the generic delivery services out there. You have 3 benefits of setting up your own delivery service instead of using the dash door and uber eats out there.

  • Delivery services are expensive for you and your customer
  • You can charge your own delivery fee
  • You can deliver it and in a good presentation because sometimes that’s lost with other delivery services

Give us a call and ask us questions. We’re happy to help you whether you purchase something from us or not.

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