The Emergence of the Credit Card Terminal into a POS System!

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As technology gets smarter, we have noticed that the individual credit card terminal is slowly being replaced by the POS cloud-based tablet systems. The original credit card terminal was separate from the cash register, and the first step that made sense was to put them together. As a result, the register could automatically reconcile with the payment terminal, saving merchants time and money. Secondarily, the cash register terminal combination is slowly being replaced by very sophisticated software accessible in a tablet computer. The advantages of having a business management system connected to your payment system are exponential. Thirdly, the POS payment and management systems have also acquired marketing tools and systems creating a powerhouse tool for business owners, which will generate more customers, make more profits, and give the business owner back his freedom so he is not chained down to his business.

Introducing the power of the tablet POS!

Here are some of the business advantages of tablet POS systems:

  • Integration with accounting systems like QuickBooks
  • Inventory control and management
  • Reordering inventory made fast and easy
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Manager
  • Customizable data inside the CRM
  • Online booking of events
  • Website changes made editable and easy
  • GPS tracking of delivery drivers
  • Marketing drip campaigns made easy to prospects and customers
  • Creating landing pages for Facebook advertising
  • Integration with shipping services
  • Reports for every aspect of your business
  • Signature and storage of documents and agreements by customers
  • Customer front facing access to making purchases and payments
  • Mobile access to purchase and payments
  • Automated customer surveys
  • Automated email and text communications with prospects and customers
  • Payroll tracking

And the list goes on! Let us know if we can answer any questions for you about POS systems.
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