True Story About a Low Rate Hussle!

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A Long Time Client is Being Hussled!

One of my long time clients called me and asked a strange question.  She was bombarded by companies calling her to switch her processing.  Tired of the hassle she finally said yes, she would listen to the salesperson’s program!  She made an appointment with her. Then she called me and asked if I would be at her side explaining what they were going to tell her.  So I agreed.

The Credit Card Processing Scam Begins!

We had her statements out ready to show the salesperson when he or she showed up.   A lady walked in, introduced herself and immediately started blabbing. She started to rattle off that she had rates as low as Walmart, only 1%.  I immediately recognized the scam coming out of her mouth.  I asked if that was 1% over wholesale interchange rates?  She asked who I was and we explained.  Then she immediately and quickly excused herself and left.  She knew, that I knew, she certainly didn’t have rates of 1%. That would be lower than the wholesale interchange rates and she had to be adding it on top.