Bonus Secret! – Inquire About the “Services” in Merchant Services

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Ask questions about the servicing of your account. Ask for the 24/7/365 help desk number. Dial it and see how long it takes someone to answer. If a time comes that your terminal is down and people are standing in line to pay you, the last thing you need is to be on hold for 30 minutes before your technical support answers their call.

Ask for your salesperson’s number and dial it and see how long it takes that person to respond, if at all. Many salespeople never talk to their clients again after the initial application.

These things are important when you get in a pickle. Perhaps the terminal is not responding or the monthly statement reconciliation does not match up or perhaps a customer thinks they have been double charged. Will your new terminal arrive in a box with a good luck sticker on it, or will the salesperson install it personally or over the phone with you? Ask to see testimonials or get a referral so you can verify the support you expect from your merchant services provider. You might want to consider paying a little more to get additional personalized service. If you negotiate a cheap rate, beware that the processor may not be able to afford personalized service or may not be able to afford a big enough technical support staff to answer the phones without a wait time. The choice is yours.

If you have more questions or you want us to give you a simple breakdown of your merchant statement to show you how much surcharge you are paying your processor, email us at or feel free to call us at 866-898-7618.