Scam – Horrible Swindle

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One of our favorite salespeople called on a husband/wife merchant for credit card processing. They gave him a monthly statement to review, but were acting quite nervous. Our salesperson brought them back a comparison, explained all the fees, and showed them where we could save them money. They understood and acknowledged they wanted to save money, but they were absolutely scared to death to switch. … Read More

The Future of Shopping

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The report “Retail Technology Vision 2014” from Accenture contains an incredible prediction: “The next five years will bring more change to retail than the last 100 years.”Think about that; the stores, websites, and apps we recognize today could go through some radical changes that would’ve been the stuff of sci-fi just a generation ago To find out what the changing face of retail will look … Read More

Scam – Rates on the App Were Different

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We have a client who calls us once a year to review their types of transactions and see if they are running them properly to their best benefit. Turns out this year, Bob from Brand X had submitted his bid for their business. He had a proper letter outlining his proposed fees (turns out it was not a complete list). He had pre-filled out an … Read More

Scam – Huge Savings

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Bob, Bob, Bob… what do you have going this time? Bob thought he was doing a comparison for a merchant. He wrote across the paper, “Savings: $800.” The merchant asked us to take a look. “Where was the detailed comparison? Where was the savings of $800?” they asked. “Beats me. Why don’t I just write $1,000 savings on a piece of paper,” I replied. Bob, … Read More

Scam – Only Charging 1%

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Bob is back at it again. Recently, Bob showed up at one of our clients’ with a story that he was only going to charge the merchant 1%, and by the way, they needed all new equipment. The client called our office to ask for our review. It turns out Brand X was charging 1% on top of all the other qualified, mid-qualified, and non-qualified … Read More